Plato On-Line Test Preparation

PLATO Learning post secondary test preparation courses include simulated tests that effectively prepare adult learners for key college entrance and placement exams. The award-winning on-line courses provide 24/7 opportunities to effectively prepare for and excel on these exams. Each course requires about 70 hours of instructional time and prepares the learner starting with their personal functioning level and effectively moves to higher levels of achievement on these high-stake tests. The courses are self paced and can be done either at home or at our open access lab.

Preparing for the TASC Test

(Formerly the GED Preparation & GED Test)


For individuals who did not complete their high school education, the TASC is the quickest way to enable a check mark on the education completed portion of an employment application or college application. In the state of Indiana, anyone 18 or older, who is a resident of the state, may sit for this eight hour exam to earn their Test Assessing Secondary Completion diploma. The exam focuses on the knowledge obtained by a high school senior in the subject areas of Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Language Reading and Writing. This course prepares an individual for this high-stakes test by identifying their functioning level and then taking the student through instruction to prepare them to successfully pass the TASC exam.

Fee: $20 for Materials and enrollment in Merrillville Adult TASC Preparation Program required. (No additional charge for Adult Education enrollment. Start date established at enrollment.)



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