red ribbon
Staff and students at Pierce Middle School want to share their red ribbon with you. Just say no to drugs!
no bookbags
Laundry baskets, strollers, suitcases, buckets, pillow cases, shoeboxes?
It's 'Anything But a Bookbag' day, part of Red Ribbon Spirit Week fun!
pierce pink
Pierce wears pink for Breast Cancer Awareness
Pierce Cheerleaders
Pierce Cheerleaders
Pierce Cheerleaders at the 4th of July Parade
little free libraries
Little Free Libraries for community use at MHS and Central Office
Bring a book; take a book; donate a book. Enjoy reading! Coming soon to a school near you!
2022 Seniors went back to their alma mater!
They visited their former teachers and inspired their successors.


Our school counselors and social workers are here to assist you. 
Please visit their websites below for additional support and assistance.
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