K-6 College & Career Readiness

Nichole Perez
MIS Staff

Hello, this is Ms. Perez. I'm the K-6 College & Career Readiness counselor for the Merrillville Community School Corporation. My goal is to make students aware of their options for high school and beyond.


Throughout the school year, I meet and talk with students about career pathways, ways in which students can research about potential career interests, help plan events like College GO! Week, and schedule career guest speakers to come talk to our students.


Every month, the College & Career Spotlight bulletin board at MIS gets updated with information about one of the 6 Career Pathways and example careers in that pathway.


The month of March features the Environmental & Agricultural Systems career pathway. The careers featured on the board this month include: Mining & Geological Engineers, Aquaculturists, Hazardous Materials Removal Workers, Forestry Technicians/Foresters, Animal Caretakers and Agricultural/Food Scientists.


March career bulletin board


Mining & Geological Engineers       Aquaculturists       Hazardous Materials Removal Workers

Forestry Technicians/Foresters       Animal Caretakers       Agricultural/Food Scientists


Click on any of the career names to view their career profile videos. Click here for March's career bulletin board explainer video!



Previous career bulletin board explainer videos:


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December - Arts, A/V Technology & Communications


January - Health Sciences


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