Merrillville High School

Carol Dahlen BSHS, LCMHC, SEL Coach, CTP-C

Behavioral Consultant/Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Virtues Project Facilitator

Emotional and Social Intelligence Coach

Certified Trauma Practitioner - Clinical/Educational

Certified Restorative Practices Facilitator

Merrillville High School

Carol Dahlen is the Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Behavioral Consultant for the Merrillville High School. Ms. Dahlen holds certifications in trauma as a Trauma Practitioner Clinical & Educational, Social & Emotional Coach, Restorative Practices (discipline through non-punitive measures), and The Virtues Project™ (character development). She is a member of several committees within the school district. In addition, Ms. Dahlen oversees the In-School Suspension Program and assists with the school district’s diversity educational workshops. Ms. Dahlen also assists with Merrillville’s Alternative Program, in the role of Behavioral Consultant and Therapeutic Counselor. Currently, Ms. Dahlen is enrolled in her doctorate program for psychology

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219-650-5307 ext. 7292 

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