Transportation adds tracking, contact tracing technology


Parents, if your children ride the school bus, you’ll soon be able to tell when they are physically on the bus and when they will arrive home! 

The Merrillville Community School Corporation has invested in transportation technology that will increase the safety of all riders and bring peace of mind to parents. All buses will soon be equipped with Bus Guardian, a technology that will assist with student tracking and contact tracing. bus

When children board the bus, they will swipe school-issued ID cards that allow drivers to know whether or not they are supposed to be at the stop or even on that particular bus. 

On the way home, drivers will also be able to confirm that students disembark at the right stops. With the new technology, accurate ridership reports will be easy for administration to create. 

Once the technology is ready to go, parents can download “Here Comes the Bus,” a new app for their phones that will allow them to reference the whereabouts of their children. 

Bus Guardian will really come in handy with substitute bus drivers and reliable contact tracing for COVID-19. 

In addition to contact tracing, the Transportation Department can use the software to create detailed inspection reports for cleaning and sanitizing buses, another important process that will keep everyone safe! 

School administrators hope for the software to be up and running in Dec. 2021! Stay tuned for updates!

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