STAFF FEATURE: Food Service administrative assistant started in the school kitchens


Sherrie Stupic has been in Food Service here at Merrillville Community School Corporation for 31 years!sherrie stupic

She is currently the administrative assistant to the food service director at Central Office, where she has been for the last 11 years. 
“I don't think I ever intended to stay so long, but I love my job!” said Mrs. Stupic. “I always enjoyed serving the students and interacting with them. Now, working on the administrative side of food service, it is just as rewarding. We are still helping students every day with nutritious meals.”
Mrs. Stupic actually started out in the dish room at Harrison Junior High School, which is now Merrillville Intermediate School. She changed positions over her time there to be a cashier, cook/server and eventually assistant manager.
After seven years, she became the cafeteria manager at Miller Elementary School, where she spent the next 13 years.
On the last days of a school year, she said they would have cookouts at Miller.
“My husband would come and help us, and he could hear me talking with students in the lunch line and calling each by name,” Mrs. Stupic said. “He asked, ‘how do you remember all these kids?’ I told him that when you serve them day after day and year after year, you know just about all of them.  
“Even now being at the administration office, I will come across a student name who has just graduated and say, ‘they were one of my kids at Miller,’” she continued.
Mrs. Stupic said her grandmother inspired her love of food service. 
“My grandmother worked in a school kitchen in Highland until she was 75 years old,” she said. “I believe that liking your job and giving back to the community is a huge inspiration.
“I love doing for others!” said Mrs. Stupic. “I have enjoyed cooking meals and serving them, as well as making menus. The corporation is really all about the students, and that is the most important thing.”
She said she has no definite plans to retire, but when she does she plans to do a lot of traveling and doing things with her grandchildren. 

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