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Pirate Pantry

Pirate Pantry

Food insecurity is a bigger issue than we originally believed. The Pirate Pantry offers a way for us to get food directly to our families in need. 

You can help by donating food or money to help our families.

Click here to let us know what you'll be donating, and someone will contact you to schedule your donation drop-off. 


Here is a list of food we are accepting:

Canned Fruit
●    peaches
●    pears
●    pineapple
●    applesauce
●    mandarin oranges

Canned Vegetables
●    corn
●    green beans
●    peas
●    mixed vegetables
●    carrots

Boxed Items
●    mac and cheese
●    canned soup
●    canned stew
●    spaghetti noodles
●    spaghetti sauce
●    loaf of bread (depending on date of pickup)
●    mashed potatoes
●    canned chili mac
●    goldfish
●    chocolate bears
●    pudding cups
●    jello
●    oyster crackers

Pirate Pantry is a bridge program to help families with a temporary need and provide direction if they need a more permanent solution. Five meals (dinner) a week will be provided for no more than three weeks to any one family.  If there is a need beyond three weeks, support will be provided to help them find a more permanent solution.

Social Workers and engagement staff will identify families and refer them to the Food Service Director, who will contact the families and make arrangements for food to be picked up.

The Food Service Director determines the menu of food available including the types, quantities and storage of the food.  

Sample approved food menu:

Day one:
Mac and cheese
Day two:
Day three:
Mixed vegetables
Day four:
Mashed potatoes
Green beans
Mandarin oranges
Day five:
Chili mac
Oyster crackers