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Student Support Services

Dr. Michelle Rushing
Director of Student Services, Diversity & Inclusion

School Nursing Department
Merrillville Community Schools have a least one nurse in every building to address the health of all students so that they can focus on the curriculum in the classroom.  Students and families are made aware of needed immunizations to keep students healthy, as well as being exposed being exposed to nutritional and healthy behaviors not only students but their families.

School Social Work Department
Merrillville Community School Corporation provides ongoing social, emotional and behavioral supports to students as a means of supporting students to be at their best in the classroom. Students and their families have access to social workers throughout the school day in  using proactive, preventative and interactive strategies. 

S.T.A.N.D. (Socially Together and Naturally Diverse) Clubs
S.T.A.N.D. is a diversity club, as well as a community service club open to students in grades 5-12. They "stand" against any acts of hatred and injustice that they may see or experience because of differences. Being one of the most active clubs in the school corporation, they celebrate and embrace the fact that members are welcoming, open-minded and are able to commit to activities that are truly important. 

Merrillville High School IMPACT Day
Provides a safe space for students to talk about issues that are pertinent for them and creates critical connections for students.

Cultural Competency Trainings (Study Circles)
Professional development for staff that focuses on discussions that center on race, systemic racism and privilege.