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Parent Resources

Parent Resources

Parenting is a hard job. It is okay to not have all the answers. Children experience a wide variety of things that don't always have easy solutions. Below are some links and guides that can be useful for children in need.

Social skills are necessary for all children. Social skills are also just that - a

dad and child
SKILL. Therefore, social skills can be learned and improved with practice. Check out these two articles on Edutopia for more information:

  1. Social Emotional Learning Strategies for Parents 
  2. A View on Emotional Intelligence


Age Appropriate Positive Discipline


Co-parenting and Parenting Post Divorce

Internet Use and Cyber Safety


Academic Needs: High School Success - Parent Suggestions 


Disability Resources: Parenting a Child with Special Needs


Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Preventing Drug and Alcohol Abuse


Childhood Trauma and Recovery 


Community Links