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Voice Mail Instructions


Setting up voicemail from your classroom/office phone
  1. From your telephone, pick up your receiver and press the voicemail button looks like an envelope with word "message" above it.
  2. Enter the temporary passcode given to you by ITS.
  3. The Unity system will prompt you to:
    • Record your name
    • Record a greeting
    • Set a new password (a minimum of 5-digits)
  4. Once you have completed all the prompts your voicemail box is ready to receive messages.

Check messages from your classroom/office phone
  1. Press the messages button on your phone
  2. Enter in your passcode 

Check messages from any phone in the corporation
  1. From any phone telephone, press the message button
  2. When the system answers with it's welcome message, "Hello Unity messaging system..."
  3. Immediately press the star key (*)
  4. Enter your extension followed by a #.
  5. Enter your voicemail passcode

Checking Messages from outside of the corporation
  1. Dial (219) 756-5769
  2. Press * when the recorded messages begins
  3. Enter your extension
  4. Enter your passcode 

Voicemail Options and Shortcuts
 While listening to the Main menu, press. . .

1 to hear new messages

3 to review old messages(3,1-saved;3,2-deleted)

4 to change set-up options

4,1,1 to change your Standard Greeting

4,1,2 to turn on/off Alternate Greeting

4,3,1 to change your password

4,3,2 to change your recorded name


During message playback, press...

1 to restart message

2 to save message

3 to delete message

4 for slow playback

6 for fast playback

7 to rewind 5 seconds

8 to pause/resume

9 to fast-forward 5 seconds

# to skip to next message  

After Message Playback, press...

1 to restart message

2 to save message

3 to delete message 

4 to reply

5 to forward to another user

7 to rewind 5 seconds

0 for Help

* Cancel, Exit, or Back-up

# Skip, Confirm, Accept, Start-Stop