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Bus Stop Safety Tips

Bus Stop Safety Tips

Bus Stop Safety Tips for Parents of Students

  • Parents play an important part in the total safety program for children who travel by school bus. Please help your children remember the safety rules.
  • Have your children put everything they carry into a backpack or school bag so that they won't drop things along the way.
  • Attach a piece of high visibility fluorescent or reflective material to their clothing or backpack.
  • Make sure they leave home on time so that they can WALK to the bus stop and arrive before the bus is due. Running can be dangerous.
  • Go to the bus stop with a young child and have older children walk in groups. There's safety in numbers because groups are easier for drivers to see.
  • If your child must walk in the street, walk single file, face traffic and stay as close to the edge of the road as possible.
  • Do NOT let your child play running games or push and shove at the bus stop.
  • Make sure your child stands at least six feet (three giant steps) from the road while waiting for the bus.
  • If children must cross the street to the bus, remind them to WAIT for the driver to signal that it's safe to cross.
  • Tell your child to NEVER pick up something that they drop near the bus, instead, they should tell the bus driver and follow the driver's directions. 
  • Remind children to look to the right before they step off the bus. Drivers in a hurry sometimes try to sneak past buses by passing on the right.
  • Teach your children to secure loose drawstrings and other objects that may get caught in the handrail or door of the bus as they are exiting. 


Bus Stop Safety Tips for Motorists (I

bus stop rules
ndiana State Police) - When in doubt...STOP!

  • State law requires motorists to stop when a school bus is picking up or dropping off children. Remember the children have the right of way as they cross the street.
  • Watch for school buses with their stop arm extended and red lights flashing, which means STOP, not proceed with caution.
  • This applies to all roadways except those that are divided by a physical barrier or an unimproved median. On a divided roadway, only vehicles traveling in the same direction as the school bus are required to stop (see below). 
  • For our Merrillville students, the following are examples of undivided roadways where all vehicles are legally required to stop: BROADWAY61st AVENUEWHITCOMBTAFT, and CLEVELAND.
  • Extra awareness is also required in rural areas where distracted or impatient drivers often ignore school buses when children are getting on or off the bus.
  • Disregarding a school bus stop signal is SERIOUS and you can receive a traffic ticket for doing so.
  • Drivers should also be aware of increased pedestrian traffic, particularly around bus stops and schools.
  • Please remember, if your child was boarding a school bus, you would want motorists to be attentive as they drive.
  • We ask parents/guardians to partner with the Transportation Department by going over bus rules and safety procedures.
  • Students can have only ONE permanent pick-up and ONE permanent drop-off address. 
  • Students are expected to be respectful and cooperate with the driver at all times.
  • Students are expected to keep head, hands, and feet inside the bus.
  • Students must be seated in their assigned seats at all times.
  • Students are expected to use their inside voices while riding the bus.
  • Students are expected to use appropriate language at all times.
  • All student items must be secured.
  • Students must follow all stated rules that are in their Student Handbook.
  • Electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, MP3’s, cellphones, etc., are NOT permitted for use on the bus.
  • Disciplinary consequences will be given to students not following bus rules and expectations.