Required Reading Grading Scale

For MHS Only

A student’s RSRR grade is figured from two equally weighted parts.

  • Part 1 - Points
    • (50%) - 16 points each trimester. Students cannot receive more than the maximum number of points required, regardless of the number of points earned.
  • Part 2 - Cumulative reading comprehension percentage
    • (50%) – 0 – 100% - Students that pass a RSRR test with a 70% or higher will receive points for the book. Since a student may take a test on a book up to three times, all quiz attempts are averaged to get the cumulative reading comprehension percentage.

A letter grade will be listed on the report cards each trimester as follows:

  • All book assessments must be completed no later than five days prior to the end of the grading period in order for students to receive credit.

Grading Scale:

A = 90%

B = 80%

C = 70%

D = 60%

F = 59% or below

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