Commonly Asked Questions

How do the changes affect me (MHS ONLY)?

1. The testable list is large, which tests can high school students test on?

      a. High school students can test on any books from the 6-8 and High School interest lists.

          There are a few 3-5 interest books that are part of a series including 6-8 books.

2. How do I use my Lexile score to choose books?

      a. ALL MHS students can read any book on the 6-8 & HS interest lists that have a Lexile

         of 700 or above. If a student's Lexile is below 750, they can read books with a Lexile no more

         than 50 points below. (example: student Lexile = 650 / book Lexile = 600 or above)


How do I test?
1. How many questions do I have to answer correctly to pass a test?
      a. You must answer 7 or more questions correctly to pass.
2. How many questions are on each test?
      a. There are 10 questions on each test.
3. Do the questions for a title ever change? 
      a. Yes, questions come from a bank of 30-40 questions and 10 questions are randomly

         chosen for each test.
4. How many times can you take a test?
      a. You may take a test over a title up to three times.
5. Can you retest a passing score of 7 for a high score?
      a. No, once you have passed a test you are no longer able to test over that title.

When can I test?
1. When can we start testing for the following year?
      a. You may begin testing for the following year on the first day of summer school.
2. Can I test on the first day back to school?
      a. No, testing begins at the discretion of the librarian/media specialist in each building.


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