Advanced Placement

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AP Courses are not mandatory so why should you take them?


1)  They are challenging and prepare you for college-level classes.

2)  Many colleges give greater weight to these classes in figuring your GPA (grade point average). 

3)  Some colleges will give you college credit if you earn a strong score on the AP test.

4)  You may be able to bypass college-level introductory courses because your AP class already gave you the knowledge.


The AP tests are administered at the end of the school year.  The grades go from 1-5.  A "5" is the best score and colleges love to see this.  A "4" is almost as good but a "3" is borderline.  The higher your score, the more benefits you get in college.   Click here to find out what colleges accept in scores and classes.


Here are the AP courses that Merrillville High School offers:


                              AP Art History

                              AP Calculus (AB)

                              AP Biology 

                              AP Chemistry

                              AP English Language

                              AP English Literature

                              AP Macroeconomics

                              AP Microeconomics

                              AP US History

                              AP Physics (Algebra based)

                              AP Psychology

                              AP Studio Art 2D

                              AP Studio Art 3D

                              AP US Government   

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