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College Dual Credit

Explanation:  Taking a college level course in high school that can earn the student from 3 - 8 college credit hours AND earn Merrillville High School credit at the same time


As early as the sophomore year in high school, students can earn college credit and have a valid college transcript (grades) before they graduate and actually go to college.  Merrillville High School offers dual college credit in many of their AP (Advanced Placement) and CTE (Career & Technical Education) classes that help students earn a Core 40, Academic Honors or Technical Honors Diploma.  All dual college credit courses are taught by certified staff here at MHS who have been approved by the colleges.


The following institutions offer dual college credit at Merrillville High School: 


Ivy Tech Courses offered are free to our students after they pass the Accuplacer exam(s).  Accuplacer exams are given right here on the MHS campusl



Purdue-North Central:  $25.00 per college credit hour for priority courses unless on free and reduced lunch and then, free.   $105.10 per credit hour for non-priority courses unless on free and reduced lunch and then again, free.  








These are the courses that can transfer among any and all Indiana public college or university, assuming the student has an adequate grade.   They can satisfy specific course requirements in degree programs or the general or elective requirements for that degree program. Click here for more information on the CTL. 



Some of the dual college credit courses offered at MHS are specialized and not universally accepted at all public institutions of higher learning.  These courses usually satisfy specific degree course requirements.  For example, if you choose to study Nursing in college, Principles of Business Management probably wouldn't be one of the courses you would take on a college campus and therefore, wouldn't transfer because you wouldn't need it.  You should always check with your intended college to see if they will accept your non-CTL courses. Click here for more information on Indiana Independent Colleges.




Q.   Do I HAVE to go to these colleges (Ivy Tech & Purdue - North Central) if I get their credit here at MHS?    

A.   No.  Core Transfer Library (CTL) courses will transfer to any Indiana public college or university.  Other courses may or may not transfer depending upon what the student will study in college.  


Q.  Do I automatically get the college credit if I take a dual college credit course at MHS?

A.  It depends on the course.  If your course is a Purdue-North Central course, you will either have to pay $75.00 per hour or $105.10 for a 3 hour course-multiple $75.00 or $105.10 times 3) or have a waiver because you're on free and reduced lunch.  If your course is an Ivy Tech course, there is no cost but you will have to pass the Accuplacer College Placement exam(s) first.  Once you pass the Accuplacer exams for Ivy Tech, all subsequent Ivy Tech courses will automatically give you the college credit.


Q.  How does having dual college credit courses help me in college?

A.  Completing dual college credit courses in high school is often view by colleges and universities as an indication of a student's motivation and true interest in attending college.  They may consider this a plus when they are considering granting you admission. These dual college credits could also replace the courses you need or want to take in college. That would free up your college class schedule to take other classes.


Q.  Should I get an A or B in these dual college credit courses while I'm still in high school?

A.  Absolutely!  The grade you get here at MHS is the grade that will be on your college transcript.  It's much easier to maintain a good GPA (grade point average) if you start off with all As and Bs.  Trying to raise that GPA down the road is much more difficult.   


Q.  Is there a limit to the number of dual college courses I can take at MHS?

A.  No, there is no limit. 


Q.  Are AP (Advanced Placement) classes dual credit?

A.  No.  AP classes and exams are administered by the College Board and colleges do not have AP courses.  It is possible for a single teacher to offer AP and Dual college credit in the same course but the course must be reported as either AP or Dual credit, not both.


Q.  Can students with IEPs take dual college credit courses?

A.  Yes, they most certainly can!  While the curriculum and assessments for the course are mandated by the post-secondary institution, the high school dual college credit teacher may make certain accommodations, instruction and assessment to help the student(s) satisfy the college's course requirements.


Q.  Where will my college credits be found?

A.  They will be on your high school transcript AND the transcript provided to you by the institution granting the college credit.


Q.  How do I transfer my high school dual college credits to a college or university?

A.  Simply contact either Ivy Tech or Purdue-North Central and ask for your transcript.  Then that transcript needs to be taken or sent to the college or university you plan to attend. 

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