Freshman Scheduling

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Welcome to the Freshman Scheduling page!


Parents and Guardians, you will find information on how to schedule your student for the upcoming year on this page.freshmen


1. Begin the orientation process by viewing the Scheduling Presentation below as well as the Career Pathways overview handout:


2. Please refer to the 4 documents below to help complete your student's schedule:


3. Now you're finally ready to fill out your scheduling sheet. 

You have to make your social studies choice (either World History A&B or World Geography A&B) and then choose your two electives. Be sure to note that one trimester equals one spot.freshmen

Your scheduling sheet lists how many trimesters each class is. For example, if a class has a 1 next to it, then that class will take one box on your scheduling sheet.  But if your class has a 3 next to it, that class will take three boxes on your scheduling sheet. So if you choose Choir as your elective, that will take up all of your three elective spots underneath the Social Studies boxes. 

You also need to select three alternate electives in case your first choice electives do not fit into your schedule.  Next, you'll then refer to the Career Pathways Overview link to pick your three pathway choices that you'll enter at the bottom of your scheduling sheet.


  • Class of 2028 Scheduling Sheet (will become available in Winter-Spring)


Completed scheduling sheets MUST be returned to Pierce Middle School Guidance Office.


Freshman Academy Information


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For questions, please reach out to Mike Knocke, Freshmen principal at

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