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Welcome to Graphic Arts!
Mr. Metz teaches two different classes, Graphic Design and Layout and Graphic Imaging Technology.
Graphic Design and Layout
Graphic Design and Layout teaches design process and the proper and creative use of type as a means to develop effective communications for global, corporate and social application.  Students will create samples for a portfolio, which may include elements or comprehensive projects in logo, stationery, posters, newspaper, magazine, billboard, and interface design.  
Lab fee:  $2 per semester plus cost of some project materials. 
Credits: 2 semester course, 2 semesters required, 1 credit per semester, 2 credits maximum
Prerequisite:  Principles of Digital Design; Digital Design Graphics
Graphic Imaging Technology
Graphic Imaging Technology introduces students to the graphic communications industry.  Students gain an overview of digital file preparation, image capture, color theory, digital file output, press operations, and bindery operations.  Students learn to practice workplace safety and develop skills in measurement, mathematical problem solving, interpersonal communication, and the job application process.
Lab fee:   
Two hour course: 
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