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What are your plans the day after your high school graduation?   

Hopefully, the answer isn't "sleeping in and not worrying about things anymore".  After your high school graduation, reality happens. You will become responsible for your own life.  But before that time comes, you need to plan for your future.  


A helpful start is to create a Vision Board where you cut out pictures from magazines of your dreams, those things you want to accomplish and the things you want to own when you get older.  Then sit back, admire your dreams on your Vision Board and ask yourself how you're going to accomplish those dreams and have the that life.   No one is going to hand them to you; you'll have to earn them yourself.  So how does one be successful enough to have their dreams come true?  You plan.  Then you carefully execute those plans. 


What does Merrillville offer?


Merrillville High School takes pride in offering our students career and college preparation.  From internships to Advanced Placement and CTE classes to computer industry certifications, we strive to give our students a big boost in the competitive world they will enter after high school.  


We have highly qualified, licensed teachers who have your best interests at heart.  They have faced the real world challenges and are here to give you sound education and advice to propel your future in a positive, successful direction.  So take those hard classes because once you're immersed, they become easier.  Find out what you love and pursue it passionately.  Life in the real world is very challenging but if you love your career, life also becomes easier. 


A word about competition.  

When you graduate, you will be entering a world that will reward you for applying your knowledge and skills and having experience.  Capable young men and women from all over the world will also be coming here to our country for those good jobs and careers - the same ones you want.   Thus, you will have to know more, do more and be more to get the job and career you want.  So take your education seriously and wisely.  Choose the classes that will help you the most. 


When should you start thinking about the rest of your life?  If you haven't already done so, do it now.  

Start with that vision board and then talk to everyone you can about what it will take to have a productive, rewarding career.  



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