Tutoring Information

Youth with a Purpose Inc. - Free tutoring for grades 3 - 9 every Monday and Wednesday from 3 - 6PM


Ask Rose - Free math and science tutoring service for grades 6 - 12

  • 20 minute free online math/science tutoring sessions are available to schedule
  • Students can email back and forth between a tutor
  • Students can chat about their problem with a tutor online
  • Students can call (877) ASK-ROSE and work out a problem with a tutor
    • Phone hours are Sunday - Thursday from 6 - 9PM


Serve Indiana Kids - A tutoring and mentorship program run through Indiana University Northwest for grades  6 - 12


Bravo Brains tutoring - Affordable, traveling, private or group tutoring


Tutoring through the Merrillville High School's National Honor Society - contact cshipman@mvsc.k12.in.us for more information

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