Useful Phone Apps

flashcard phone app

Cram - (for Android and Apple) - Allows students to create their own flashcards on their phones or search the library for flashcards that are already made.


phone app - studying resource

Quizlet - (for Android and Apple) - Gives students 3 different ways to study using their phones.


student planner phone app

myHomework Student Planner - (for Android and Apple) - Helps students keep track of when homework is due and when there will be quizzes/tests.


homework phone app

The Homework App - (for Apple only) - Helps students keep track of when homework and quizzes/tests. Students can color code their assignments and add time tables to manage the time they have.


student planner phone app

Assignment Planner Pro - (for Android only) - Helps keep track of grades, homework, and quizzes/tests. Students can add notifications to help remind them of deadlines.

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