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Cartographer       Welder       Chemical Engineer       Pilot       Boilermaker





How high is Mount Everest? To find out, you need only turn to the nearest encyclopedia or computer. But the answer wasn’t always so easy to come by. It wasn’t until 1852 that the mountain was recognized as the world’s highest peak. Cartographers use math as well as computers, aerial photography, and even satellites to measure and map the globe. They also help construction teams and property owners find the best places to build.

Education needed: Bachelor’s Degree

Annual Salary: $55,000




Using a blowtorch or an electric current, welders bond pieces of metal together to create all kinds of products, from bicycles to cars and heavy machinery.

Doing the job right means being a true metal expert, so you’d better know the difference between steel plate and stainless steel. And you can’t be afraid of math because you’ll need it for every job you do.

Education needed: Certification from a Trade School or an Apprenticeship

Annual Salary: $38,000


Chemical Engineer

chemical engineer

Chemical engineers know that there’s more to creating a great product than coming up with a new idea. They figure out how to turn new ideas into products that can be mass-produced.

Whether they’re making perfume with a fragrance that lasts or cookies that taste homemade or tape that sticks in the rain, chemical engineers use their understanding of chemicals and chemical reactions.

Education needed: Bachelor’s Degree

Annual Salary: $90,000


Aircraft Pilot


Imagine a job where, on any given day, you could find yourself in Paris, Tokyo, or New Delhi. Now imagine yourself in command of one top-notch, state-of-the-art piece of machinery -- a 747, for example, which can cruise through the clouds at 570 miles per hour.

Pilots are responsible for taking people from point A to point B -- safely. That’s why piloting is a profession requiring exceptional skill and lots of training.

Education needed: Bachelor’s Degree or Military flight training. You MUST also earn an FAA Commercial Pilot’s License

Annual Salary: $104,000




When you hear the word boiler, you might think of that thing in your basement that keeps your water hot. In reality, though, most boilermakers work on gigantic projects. As a boilermaker, you might find yourself working on top of a 750,000-gallon water storage tank or putting a nuclear power plant reactor dome into place.

You'll need to be strong, skilled, and unafraid of thousand-foot heights. In return, you'll find yourself part of some of the most vital projects in construction: the power plants, dams, water treatment facilities, and blast furnaces that keep our homes and businesses, comfortable and productive.

Education needed: Apprenticeship or Trade School + On-the-job training

Annual Salary: $73,000

*Salary information taken from: https://www.onetonline.org/

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