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Administrative Assistant       Urban & Regional Planner       Travel Agent       Loan Officer       Real Estate Appraiser


Administrative Assistant

administrative assistant

Administrative assistants and secretaries are talented, versatile people. If you have any doubt, stop by the school office and watch the secretary at work. You'll see them juggle a dozen tasks -- signing in a late student, answering the phone, sorting the mail -- all without batting an eye.

Education needed: Associate Degree

Annual Salary: $48,000


Urban & Regional Planner

urban and regional planner

It's a hot day and you wish your town would hurry up and build that pool everyone keeps talking about. But where should it be built? What land is available? How will people get there? How would building it affect the local wildlife? What do you say to neighbors who worry about noise and traffic?

As an urban & regional planner, it would be your job to answer all of these questions -- and more.

As the nation's population grows, so do our cities and suburbs. Planners play a key role in managing that growth. They help keep communities be safe, livable places and work to improve them.

Education needed: Master's Degree

Annual Salary: $56,000


Travel Agent

travel agent

The world's busiest airport is in Atlanta: an average of 2,400 flights come and go each day. England is packed with more than 1,400 castles. And you can sail across the Atlantic Ocean in only 6 days.

These are the kinds of facts that travel agents are paid to know. Whether they're finding a fancy hotel or a cheap flight, booking an African safari or a Swedish massage, travel agents are travel gurus. They get paid to guide clients through the maze of the travel industry.

Education needed: Associate Degree

Annual Salary: $36,000


Loan Officer

loan officer

Do you like working with numbers? Being around people? Working on the run? Do you actually get a rush out of going door-to-door selling candy bars to neighbors during fund-raising season?

Becoming a loan officer or loan counselor will give you a chance to indulge in all of these interests. However, it will also appeal to your soft side. You'll be helping people get the money they need to realize their dreams of owning a house, getting a college education or starting a business.

Education needed: Bachelor's Degree

Annual Salary: $56,000


Real Estate Appraiser

real estate appraiser

Have you ever wondered how much a Beverly Hills mansion is really worth? What about a ski lodge in the Rocky Mountains? Or an office building on Main Street? Real estate appraisers figure out the value of property so that buyers and sellers can move forward with their deals. Their work is also an important part of local government, since property taxes are based on their findings.

Education needed: Real estate classes + Certification

Annual Salary: $39,000

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