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Computer Programmer       Set & Exhibit Designer       Film & Video Editor       Jeweler/Precious Stone and Metal Worker

Broadcast & Sound Engineering Technician


Computer Programmer

computer programmer

If you picture yourself as a Computer Programmer, you may already know a computer language. Once you know multiple computer languages, you’ll be able to communicate throughout the world. 

In addition to mastering programming languages like C++ and Java, you’ll also need to communicate easily with people. After all, you’ll often work with a team and sometimes with the users of the products you develop. At the end of the day, the key to programming is language.

Education needed: Bachelor’s Degree

Annual Salary: $74,000


Set & Exhibit Designer

set designer

Gritty city street or lush green countryside. Lively medieval marketplace or sleek suburban shopping mall. If you’ve ever been amazed at the look of a movie or play, you’ve been under the spell of a talented designer.

Set & Exhibit designers establish the physical worlds of plays, movies, and TV shows, setting the mood, time, and place of the story. They work with directors, other designers, and technicians to make a strong visual impact.

Education needed: Bachelor’s Degree

Annual Salary: $43,000


Film & Video Editor

video editor

Whether capturing a political protest for the local news, putting together a weekly cable TV program, or creating a scene for a new action movie, the decisions you make as a camera operator or film and video editor will require a combination of creative and technical skills. You'll need a good eye and a steady hand to choose interesting material, decide how to present it, and pick the right equipment or software to use.

Education needed: Bachelor’s Degree

Annual Salary: $63,000


Jeweler/Precious Stone and Metal Worker


Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but hand tools are a jeweler’s best friend. With these tiny tools, jewelers and precious stone and metal workers create and repair the rings, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry their customers wear.

Some jewelers create their own designs, while others work for manufacturers, specializing in assembling, engraving, or polishing. But no matter where they work or what they do, the end goal is the same: to create beautiful baubles that keep customers happy.

Education needed: Apprenticeship

Annual Salary: $40,000


Broadcast & Sound Engineering Technician

broadcast technician

If you’re an electronics fan who gets pumped up setting up a home entertainment system or tweaking the knobs on a stereo, listen up: there are careers for people like you.

Broadcast technicians are the wizards behind the brilliant colors on our TV screens and the rich, clear sound of radio and TV broadcasts. Audio & Video Equipment Technicians play a similar role at concerts, sports events, meetings, and news conferences. Sound Engineering Technicians record and mix the music you hear on CDs and in sporting arenas, theaters, videos, and movies.

Education needed: Associate Degree + on-the-job training
Annual Salary: $29,000

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