Science class designs tiny houses

tiny house project

Students in Mrs. Gunn's 8th grade science classes at Pierce Middle School participated in a tiny housetiny house project.

They had to design a house that had only 400 feet of space. They started off with a list of 18 must-haves and decided where to put those items on their rough draft blueprint.

Next they got approval for their blueprints and calculated the area of each item in the home, as well as the home's base, walls, and roof.

Once everything was finalized, they were given final version prints of each section of the home with the addition of outside yard space to design.

When they had all those areas designed and colored, students were given options of 3-D images of some of the must-haves to apply to their home.

Their images were pasted to the project, designed and colored, then submitted for approval before putting on the roof.

This project gave students an opportunity to collaborate and apply their problem-solving skills by discerning any problems they had with placement and making the necessary corrections.

tiny house 2

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